Thérapies complémentaires sur le trauma

Further education in trauma-sensitive yoga

Trauma sensitive yoga (TSY) is a practically proven and theoretically reflected method, which supports resilience and post traumatic growth. Amongst the body oriented trauma therapies TSY takes a prominent position. Through the principle of mindful awareness of the body, healing processes are stimulated, which bring those traumatized individuals who have been cut off from life in contact again with themselves and with the world.

Our seminars offer an advanced training and further qualification. They empower you to use the therapeutic value of yoga also professionally. Predominantly cognitive working therapists are learning how gained insights are physically anchored and lastingly deepened. Yoga teachers are getting more secure in their spontaneous reaction towards first seemingly incomprehensive behaviour. Persons affected are getting in first contact with their „inner doctor “. Participants experience, how yoga can be conducted with various target groups, (that is: in prison, with the military, refugees, clinical context or stationary youth welfare service) as well to deal with trigger situations in a general yoga class. There will be also the experience how to integrate yoga in an individual setting.

Base module trauma-sensitive yoga

This BM contains basic understanding of physical processes which are triggered on one side through trauma and on the other side through practicing yoga. Results of trauma research which show how the human body reacts to fright experiences are compared with the healing effect of yoga. While a trauma for example flattens the breath, tenses up the muscles and letting organs in some surviving modus go limp, deepens yoga the breath, relaxes and strengthens the muscles and strengthens the immune system. The guidelines of TSY, a mindful variation of Hatha Yoga, are introduced. Insights from western psychosomatic are filled in with the eastern hypothesis like the Kosha-teaching or the eight limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga. Since avoidance is one of the main symptoms of PTSD, an acknowledged and mindful dealing with unpleasant feelings and bodily sensations, belongs to the essentials of TSY.

The consciousness about the different functions of the three layers of the nervous system, which need different therapeutic access, is helpful. Theory and practice are having in this base Modul an equal time slot. What is physically felt and experienced, can gainfully be imparted and be applied. Cognitive verbal working professional groups experience, how small bodily exercises deliver new energy. Physical therapists and yoga teachers are learning the competent dealings with sometimes incomprehensible acting behaviour patterns of single participants.

Advanced Modules trauma-sensitive yoga and Training in trauma-yoga-therapy
The base module forms the beginning of a three-weekend lasting certified advanced TSY training. From there a further six weekend training in Trauma -Yoga-Therapee is possible.


Joachim Pfahl, B. Sc
und Yoga teacher (MERU), Trauma-Yoga-Therapist (TSY)

Bachelor of Science, Yoga teacher, meditation teacher and Coach with 40 years of yoga practice and international teaching experience in government and non-governmental organizations, including India, Thailand, and Europe. He leads two of his own yoga schools


Camping Fuussekaul, 4, Fuussekaul, L-9156 Heiderscheid Tel.: (+352) 26 88 88 - 1


11.-13.05.2018, Fr 18-21:15 h, Sa 09:30-17:30 h and So 09:30 bis 12:45 h

Seminar fee

Basis module 350 € without accommodation and meals


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